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Sowing the seeds of enchantment


Grow Your Own Bouquet Seed Kit


These seed kits contain six varieties of seeds, six coir pellets (expanding soil discs), Growing advice, plant markers and a self contained growing environment (ok it's an egg box).

Pop the soil pellets in the wells of the egg box, water, plant your seeds, shut the box and the warmth and condensation produced will act as a tiny greenhouse, helping the seeds to germinate and grow.

I designed this range of seed kits because the idea of growing your own has always excited me. I absolutely loved the design process and my buyers are always excited to give these as gifts (yes, even to themselves).

Seed varieties include: Cornflower, Daisy, Delphinium, Love-in-a-mist Poppy and Sea Holly.

I chose these seeds as they were either prolific flowerers or they produced cool structural forms once grown.